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RUBEN is a professional Beverly Hills photographer from Los Angeles, California and a product of the prestigious Art Center College of Design. Having learned to work with film and large format cameras in his high school years under the tutelage of renown professional photographer Tim Brehm, Ruben pursued photography with an abiding enthusiasm from early on in his life.


"I've been very fortunate to have had very good mentors from the very beginning, people who have worked as professional photographers that brought with them real world experience. The first time I held a camera, I knew this is what I wanted to do," Ruben said. Even while still in high school, Ruben started working as a photographer semi-professionally with local newspapers in Southern California. While most of the work was journalism and sports, Ruben started to branch out into portraiture and that eventually led to his first wedding assignments.


Ruben was one of the few students admitted yearly to Art Center College of Design's highly regarded photography program in Pasadena, CA. "The competition to get in was remarkably intense," Ruben recalled. The two years in Art Center honed his skills to a higher level and added new skills such as fashion and product photography and learning the new media of digital photography. While continuing his studies, Ruben was hired for numerous wedding assignments, adding a fashion-oriented element to his style influenced by the photography of Richard Avedon, and Alfred Stieglitz, that complemented his roots in journalistic photography.


"I think wedding photography is another form of journalism," he added, "It may not be heads of state, world conflicts, actors or professional athletes that I'm photographing, but the emotions are just as genuine if not more so. We are photographing people at their most vulnerable, during moments they have waited for their entire life. Weddings are filled with moments and expressions that will never happen again," There is something truly unique about a still photograph that captures the birth of expectation, the perfect and memorable moment, that lives on because it's been preserved forever. “All we are, are our memories,” Ruben believes. “The right photograph brings all the memories back.”


As Ansel Adams said: “A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety".





ALFRED, a Professional Photographer driven by passion, capturing images for over 31 years with creative Art -Journalism and Cinematic-Style. He was born in an artist family where his father would do numerous family sessions & also his older brother currently is one of Australia's top notch wedding photographers. By looking at his images you would think that his subjects are professional models, but they are just the wedding couples in their best of emotional moments. His style of story telling has given a different dimension to wedding books. His work has appeared in many publications, motion pictures, television and around the world. He is one of the pioneers in online presentation & offering galleries & albums online. Often people would ask Alfred" How did you capture these images? Or "Where & how did you could pre-visualize those moments?"





KRISTIN - Born into an eclectic and artistic family, Kristin has been developing her creative self since day one. She developed her passion for photography at an early age after rummaging through antique family photos and allowing her curiosity to want to explore everything that went into creating a photograph.


After much studying and development of her craft through Art Center College of Design and through multiple internships under top leading photographers, Kristin quickly discovered her unique perspective and dove into establishing herself as a professional photographer while making it a priority to build personal connections with her clients on every shoot.


"I love being able to connect with my clients and collaborate with them in order to execute their dreams and desires and make their visions a reality. I work with an open mind, everything is possible."


Kristin currently resides in Silver Lake, CA with her amazing puppy sidekick, Calypso.





JULIAN was born in South Africa and studied painting and graphic design before dedicating myself to photography. I then assisted many reputable photographers throughout Europe and the US.After working for many years as a fashion & advertising photographer, the combination of lifestyle and reportage was a natural development. Add to this my love for European cinema and the natural fashion styles of Bruce Weber and Mario Testino - that’s me in a nutshell. Since specializing in Wedding Photography, I have never looked back - this has become the genre best suited to my shooting style and my personality.


I love Love. I love Life. I shoot LOVE LIFE.




Richard is an Award-Winning Beverly Hills Photographer, Los Angeles-based photographer who has dedicated the past fifteen years to photographing weddings. Edgy, powerful photojournalistic images blended with traditional wedding photography have established him firmly in the photographic community.


Originally from New Orleans, where the arts have flourished for centuries, Richard was introduced into the arts and photography at the early age. At seven years of age Richard received his first Polaroid camera then numerous 35mm cameras. By his early twenties, he was photographing many major events, such as Mardi Gras, 1984’s Worlds Fair and The Jazz & Heritage Festival.


Richard attended Winona International School of Professional Photography in Atlanta, Georgia, which was an extension of The Professional Photographers of America, one of many organizations he belongs to. His degree in electronic engineering accelerated his transition from film to digital photography. He expresses that film still has its place when desired. Realizing the camera is just a tool, the true art comes from within ones heart. Blending influences from cinema, fashion magazines, and early Hollywood portrait artists, the images that Longley captures are timeless.


They exquisitely bring out the natural grace, personality and charisma of his clients.


No two wedding are alike, and it is essential to have a great understanding of each couples desires. The resulting work is assembled into a collection of images powerful enough to transport anyone who didn’t attend the wedding into a realized, photographic experience that can be relived again and again.

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